TDS return filings

We offer complete range of TDS return filings alongwith generation of Form 16, 16A etc.

TDS literally means Tax Deduction at Source. Income Tax is collected by Govt. through 2 mechanism i.e. either by Advance Tax or Self Asstt. Tax or through TDS. In TDS, the person making payment of any sum/income to payee has to deduct Tax at Source and pay the balance amount to the payee. The amount deducted as TDS has to be deposited by the payer in the Govt. account through challan. For this process, the Deductor or payer has to obtain TAN or Tax Deduction Number which is a 10 digit alpha number.

After depositing the challan, the deductor has to submit return of TDS which is quarterly in most cases.

Just as the process of TDS, there is similar process in relation to TCS which is tax collected at Source. In this case also the payer collects TCS on some specified payments such as sale of motor vehicles etc. and pay the same to the Govt. through Challan. Similarly, the payer has to file return of TCS on quarterly basis.

We at will assist you right through the process of obtaining TAN, calculation of TDS and generation of TDS challans and filing of TDS and TCS returns which are quarterly in most cases.

TDS Certificate

On deducting TDS, the deductor would furnish to the deductee a TDS certificate. The deductee can cross check the tax credit by viewing Valid TDS certificate is the TDS certificate downloaded from TRACES ( bearing a 7 digit unique certificate number.

All TDS certificates must be preserved by the Deductee. TDS certificates on payments other than salary is issued on quarterly basis and TDS certificate for salary is provided on annual basis.

TDS Return Form       

There are mainly five different TDS Forms that a deductor/collector is required to file based on the type of deductee/income of deductee.